Refreshing Skin Cleanser

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For those who are very interested to know my skin care regime, here it is, I am using a natural product that is developed for Asian woman, RA8. A simple 3 steps product, produced from aquamarine bioactive materials. Its Refreshing Cleanser is very cooling to my sensitive skin. Regenerative Serum and Renewal Skin Crème give all the moisture and protections that my skin needs. Most important it has been proven safe.

SHARIFAH SHAHIDAH (Training Executive)

I was acquainted with RA8 in Feb 2012. RA8 products turned out to be not disappointing. My skin type is sensitive and I have acne scars. Alhamdulillah, after 1 month of using Refreshing Cleanser and Regenerative Serum, the scars faded and the pores become smaller. My face feels very clean after washing with Refreshing Cleanser, followed by the use of the Regenerative Serum that gives refreshing effect. Try these products and see the changes of your skin, definitely you will not be disappointed. I still use RA8 until now, and I am very satisfied with Refreshing Cleanser and Regenerative Serum.

MUTIARA ABDULLAH (CEO, De Pearl Connection)

RA8 products has changed the texture of my skin, Alhamdulillah. After one (1) week of usage, my friends complimented my skin look bright and moist. Changes that have definitely made me a very happy person!

After using Refreshing Cleanser for only 2-3 days, I noticed my skin does not feel ‘tight’ after cleansing my face – I don’t need to use moisturizer. After applying one (1) bottle of Regenerative Serum, I also noticed the uneven tone and dark spots are starting to diminish. Thank you for introducing RA8.


I like RA8 Refreshing Cleanser. After using the cleanser, I feel fresh and the skin remains moisturised.

Regenerative Serum

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RA8 gives you beauty health, especially the RA8 Regenerative Serum, with pure Aquamarine Extract, naturally derived from the Marine Ecosystem.

RA8 Cosmeceutical is an Amazing Breakthrough Scientifically formulated and the Best of the Best skincare line. Every product CARES for your Skin Health!!!

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